Transformation and These Changing Times

By Stephen Thomson

The Sacred Art of Transformation is one of the highest forms of alchemical work and the true backdrop for our advancing states of spiritual consciousness.

During these changing times each of us will be required to transform our lives in one way or another. Transformation is our primary spiritual goal and one of the most sought-after intentions of the spiritual journey. Consider the legends of the ancient Alchemists who knew the mystical formulas for transmuting lead into gold. In a simple metaphorical sense, lead represents our physical body and material life, which is being transformed into a finer purer form represented by gold. This is an ongoing process of transmutation that takes place during our everyday lives. It is also the most important of spiritual operations and one we aspire to participate in every day. The degree to which we are vigilant of the need for change and willing to transform ourselves becomes the predictor of how we will grow and gain access to the portal to our next step in life. With this in mind, we must be prepared to access higher levels of consciousness. When we make up our minds to let go of outmoded ways of acting, living, and thinking in favour of transformation, then we truly become the Alchemists of our own lives.

Our workshop is made up of equal portions, existing in the visible and invisible world. For many years we have worked to balance our lives within those energies. Now, we are approaching a time when we may be asked to change the way we live our lives in a significant way, indeed intensifying the importance of our continued work as apprentice Alchemists. Whether transformation is a conscious or unconscious choice, it will happen anyway. Our life conditions are perfect in the context of what our souls need to experience in this incarnation; we signed up to be here on planet earth at this time. Our test, as apprentice Alchemists will be to discover how strong our practices and beliefs are in maintaining our sense of peace, safety and harmony in the face of a rapidly changing world. We are challenged to ride the wave of change by using alchemy, continuing to refine our lead into more gold, rather than being overcome by life’s events.

There has been much anticipation and expectation around this era. The timetables for activation of the myths, legends, and spiritual teachings about our planet have arrived. We are now embarking on one of the most important eras in the history of humankind. For example, the Shamans of Peru tell us we have entered into a new Pachacuti, a period of light, after 500 years of darkness. This light suggests a new way of seeing, which brings with it a different kind of knowledge and understanding, bringing into focus what has happened on our planet. We are beginning to see that not only is our world changing, but also perhaps it is broken beyond repair. There is a long list of wide-ranging and varied events occurring at this time supporting this fact from the turbulence in our economy to the growing effects of the abuse we have rained down on our planet. Can it really come as such a surprise that we find ourselves and the world around us at a fundamental crossroad?

Nevertheless, events, experiences, and material challenges of the physical world are really a secondary backdrop to our spiritual journey. It is in making that journey that each of us is working, like the Alchemist, to transmute the very core of our being. That may sound like a simple objective. Yet, all of us can relate to how difficult it is to remain focused on this goal. To remain strong in the face of the demands of everyday living can be all consuming until we surrender and decide to place our complete focus on the journey within. Then our lives begin to break free from the dramas we believe to be the substance of our life’s purpose. It is then that we can expect our direction to come from within as opposed to being defined by the world around us. The choices we make at this time rest with the clear and truth-filled direction we receive from our souls. What remains is but illusion.

How this period will unfold on a personal level for each of us will be based on several factors. Through our own experience we will be able to clearly see how our spiritual beliefs and practices have allowed us to grow as spiritual people. Our on-going growth will continue to be based on how willing we are to stretch and expand beyond the limitations in our consciousness. Some of this is based in our current life, while other issues have been brewing from many life times that have come before. There is also the factor of our willingness to change and transform, moving with the demands of the age. If our thinking remains pliable and flexible in face of the demand for change, then this will be a particularly uneventful time.

We can only speculate about whether the days ahead are going to be easy or more challenging. Regardless of what is to come, there are steps we can take now. We can pull back and simplify our lives. Do we really need all of the stuff we continue to accumulate? As a substitute, we can turn our attention to our continuing advancement as spiritual people. We can intensify our practices and use this time to work on manifesting a deeper, stronger relationship with and understanding of the Divine. Far too often we spend our time looking outside ourselves at the world around us, rather than inwardly for the answers to our life’s questions. In fact we have all of the resources and power we need to make it through this or any time. The answers are within.

Most of us have already taken action in our material lives that have become necessary as a result of the changes that have occurred. We could sit back and just wait for the next steps to become evident. Yet, taking action from a place of our own motivation seems far more desirable than being forced to transform by life events. One place to start is by setting aside time to take a hard look at our lives as they exist today. What parts of our lives are no longer working? How are we spending our money? What is it that we don’t have that we really need? Perhaps we will live for a period of time with fewer resources for material possessions. Indeed, there may well be fewer resources for everyone on the planet.

This period of belt tightening for all of us is significant on so many levels. All of are beginning to understand what it means on a material level. But we need to take a leap and try to understand the spiritual significance. As spiritual beings, the amount of energy and resources from a Cosmic standpoint never diminishes; there is never less creative support. Yes, there may be challenges on a material level; however there is also the issue of how we want to feel each day. That includes whether or not we want to spend the day in fear, thereby giving up our own personal peace. It’s hard to engage in our practices, whether that be attuning with the Merkaba, being in meditation, engaging in journaling when we find ourselves in heightened emotional states. Making a decision to hold on to our peace impacts the one-world community in which we live, our planet earth.

The most important endeavour is to do every thing we can to remain fearless. Most of us are old enough to have the security of knowing that life tends to work these issues out. By examining our lives and reminding ourselves this is true, we will take a very productive step in our spiritual experience. Transformation is at the heart of our search for Divine and to think we would live our lives without periods of upheaval and even turmoil is a bit naive. The earth is a school. It’s where we stretch the muscles of our soul and grow in the face of the demands of everyday living. This particular time on the planet is the unveiling of another age of humankind. It also the time and place we chose to reincarnate for our spiritual growth.

There is one more thought to take into consideration: change is a good thing. We can really use an infusion of new energy in our world at this time. Think how exciting it will be to have new information come into the consciousness of humankind. That is what the evolution of being is all about. Each period of history is marked with advancements that change everything from the content of our daily life to our understanding of the great mysteries of the universe. We need to hold some anticipation of this being an exciting time in our lives that will include wondrous, perhaps even miraculous, events. On a personal level, we may even begin to experience shifts in the very core of our being that will provide freedom from long-held thoughts and beliefs we have about our journey.

Here is a simple activity we can do to maximize our experience and advancement, while making our way through these times. This will also help us to keep focused on what we are interested in creating or changing in our lives.

  1. Get some 3×5 cards and a pencil.
  2. On the top of each card, write one category. Here are some suggestions.
    Financial / Material
  3. On each card, write five or six intentions. Be spontaneous and don’t over think what you want to write.
  4. Start each morning reviewing the cards. It will only take a few minutes. Evaluate what you have written and ask yourself if you have clearly represented your truth with each of the intentions.

By writing with a pencil, there is an opportunity to change what we originally wrote on our cards. With time, each of us will begin to feel as though something we have written is important and should be moved to the top of the list. It is also possible something we wrote in the beginning no longer seems important. We can easily erase what we wrote and replace it with a new inspiration. There is something very powerful about erasing and replacing items on the list.

By reviewing the cards each day, what will begin to appear is our truth. Many of us get confused about what we want or need in the face of others’ demands. By doing this list and reviewing the cards each day, not only will we be able to continue to focus on our plans, but begin to take control and power over our own lives. This exercise can bring clarity and focus in an easy and simple way.

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