THE MAYAN SIXTH DAY of the Galactic Cycle begins on
November 13, 2008 and ends on November 7th 2009

As we transit from the twilight of the Fifth Night into the twilight of the Sixth Day, our burdens become lighter as we discard what no longer serves us in order to evolve to the next stage of growth in this new reality. Just as a plant follows the Fibonacci Sequence by looking back in order to evolve, humanity has a unique opportunity to look back to our ancestors and incorporate ancestral knowledge in order to evolve into our true destiny of being co-creators and caretakers of this beautiful planet we call Earth or Gaia.

With time acceleration and the concrescence of novelty becoming more apparent to individuals, and as more individuals begin to open to awareness and the increased photon field that we seem to be moving through, we realize that our minds alone cannot keep up with the evolutionary changes. It has become necessary to rely upon our instincts and feelings to navigate through this new vibrational field.

In order to continue to the next growth stage in this fantastic journey, we must not only incorporate ancient wisdom by performing sacred ceremonies and rituals, but also tune into our instinctual knowledge. As the number of choices we are called upon to make increase, let our intuition guide us along the ascending path. Consciously choose to take the high road – be positive, loving and compassionate – choose love over fear or anger.

The Fifth Night saw the beginning of the end of dominance. Dominance on every level is beginning to fall away: dominance of governments, religions, corporations, individuals and ego. Each individual will begin to realize their own worth as dominance falls away. Each will feel their own purpose, their own responsibility, and begin to realize their full potential as loving human beings.

To maximize the incoming influx of light energies and to better handle the rapid changes, it is very important to stay grounded.  Incorporate a daily movement practice such as qigong, tai chi, yoga; meditation; perform ceremonies and rituals, even just lighting a candle and offering a prayer; practice kindness and compassion; maintain a good diet and a positive attitude; and follow the Mayan Sacred Calendar – the Tzolkin. As we go into the Sixth Day, let us each be like the bud of a flower, ready to open to our full beauty. Let us embrace the ascending spiral of light with a flame of hope and gratitude in our hearts.

In Lak’ech, (I am another Yourself)

William and Viola

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Here is Simone Butler’s take on the 6th Day:

“On November 13, the Sixth Day of the Mayan Calendar dawns. This is expected to be an unparalleled time of enlightenment. At the last Sixth Day, from 1952-1972, beatniks and flower children shook off their shackles and embraced a new consciousness. This time, we’ll take the process to the next level. The chaos that will reign through the two-year period of the Sixth Day and Night is necessary for the creation of an enlightened world. The Golden Age can only emerge out of a series of transformative pulses, including periods of destruction. The very process that breaks down the world economic and political hierarchy also paves the way for a new world to flower.”

Get out the Patchouli Oil everyone!!

Wooohoo! Hugs, Ev