Hello All!

So much has happened in the past few months that I am still catching my breath and integrating some of the amazing experiences I have had.

Many of you know that I was at the Orbs Conference in Palm Springs in March. What an enlightening and mind expanding journey that was. I learned a lot and most of all I really got clear that what I focus on EXPANDS! I have taken more pictures with Orbs in them now, than ever!

Many of you also already know that I attracted a AMAZING unexpected last minute trip to Egypt at the end of April with Nicki Scully (Shamanic Journeys) and Dr. Bruce Lipton (and his partner Margaret) (Biology of Belief)

Wow! What journey that was. The story of how that “came about” will have to wait for another time though, but it was a pretty interesting manifestation as well.

Egypt was beautiful and the experiences we had there were out of this world. It was a 16 day totally “off the beaten path” type of trip and while visiting many of the temples, we were the only ones there! You have to remember that thousands visit these places every day, so it was a real treat to have them to ourselves to do sacred ceremonies and take pictures unencumbered by throngs of tourists. Of course that often meant early mornings and late evenings, but it sure was worth it. At Dendera-The Temple of Hathor, we actually laid out on the roof late at night and took part in a private ceremony. It was so inspiring and the energy there was amazing! At the Temple of Philae (Isis’s Temple) we watched a beautiful sunrise over the Nile. There were actually many amazing sunrises on the river, many that we saw from the ship we called home for 6 days cruising that magnificent river. Standing in the early morning sun between the toes of the Great Sphinx was a feeling I will never forget either!

I am hoping to have a link ready for my newsletter next month of some of the almost 700 pictures I took (many with some fascinating ORBs in them! Also some stories of some of the insights/learning and the wonderful people I met.