Hello all!

It has been an awesome summer here in Errington. Although we didn’t get the sun that my tomatoes were looking for and the night temps didn’t allow some of my flowers to do as well as I had hoped, it was great weather for summer sleeping and all in all I had a great garden! This was my first real attempt at growing food after 17 years of condo living and I grew some beautiful Russian garlic, lettuce, carrots, kale, onions, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries a ton of yellow and red cherry tomatoes and some crazy looking red, yellow, and orange peppers. Just planting some winter spinach and my kale is still going strong. Has anyone tries KALE CHIPS YET??? Google them and give them a try! Delicious AND nutritious!! I even spent quite a bit of time on my new cedar deck in the hammock and had more than a couple of BBQ’s there with friends.

I also have a brand new family member too. Hawkins is a 7 year old Siamese kitty who has come to the country to live with me after my friend moved to a townhouse that would not allow an outside cat. He is lovin it here and can’t wait to get outside and go exploring!

It is so wonderful to be in the country and getting fresh eggs and chicken from the people I share the property with. I love knowing that the scraps I feed the chickens are coming right back to me in eggs. (And MAN are they ECSTATIC to see me coming with my bucket!!

I don’t have TV, but I’ve been watching the ongoing occupation of Wall Street lately and world events of dissention with great interest. As people begin to break free and wake up from the hypnotic state they have been in, they are beginning to take their power back in peaceful resistance. Clarity about what is not tolerable anymore is giving more clarity through the contrast to what they DO WANT TO SEE from their governments and world leaders. We have given our power away in the past by our complacency to those that would take it willingly to feed their agenda of inauthentic power over us. We have allowed ourselves to be controlled by lies and fear and as people wake up and take our energy both positive and negative away from the which no longer serves us, the illusion collapses into nothingness leaving a vacuum to create a new world!

It is really important that we don’t succumb to anger and lower vibrational frequencies of blame and judgment that are presenting themselves in our lives right now, and THEY ARE SHOWING UP-in our personal lives and on the world stage as well. As within, so without, as above, so below. From the Mayan Calendar teachings, we just went through the Cosmic Convergence a few weeks ago at the end of September. A time to dig within our consciousness and look at those places where we still feel separate from each other and the planet. It is crucial to do our inner work now as we move closer and closer to experiencing Unity Consciousness when the calendar ends at the end of October. See here for more info on both of these concepts if you are interested.


Many of our core wounds are now coming to the surface to be healed and those that have been ignored are in our face big time. Remember, we have co-created these experiences to help us re-member who we really are and who those are that are mirroring us back to us…LOVE!

For some more info on this and to see how to move through the discomfort that is surfacing for many and what the Hindus called Vasanas check this link:


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http://ascension101.com/ascension-tools/33-ascension-tools/ 105-fear-processing-