The last newsletter I put out was on the June Solstice, and I am holding the intention that this newsletter close to the Fall Equinox finds you all well and having had just as much of a stellar summer as we have had here on the west coast of British Columbia!

I am so loving my new home and community here in Coombs, and have been canning peaches, freezing blueberries and stacking wood for winter just like I have been doing it all my life! The Root Cellar at the market has some amazing fresh fruit and veggies and I am becoming more adept at feeling the vibration of my food just by looking at it. My next venture-red pepper soup!

We are so blessed to have good food and fresh water in our experience-something that many do not have the luxury of (even in our own communities.) Let’s not forget to share our abundance from the heart with others as we move into the fall and winter.

It sure has been a busy summer! I am just home from Las Vegas and three days at the Stuart Wilde conference. I am still integrating what we saw and learned there and it was “interesting” to say the least, but so was Las Vegas itself.

I have not been there for the past 5 years when I attended another conference there, and have to admit, I was curious as to why Mr. Wilde would hold it there as I have never felt that Vegas itself held a particularly high vibration. Things sure have changed and it seems that “Sin City” is very much feeling the effects of what is going on in the economy and although the facade is still clinging to stay in place…the “Ivory Tower” everywhere (not just Vegas) is slowly crumbling. The cracks are showing and it felt like we got to witness the microcosm of the macrocosm.  It was good to see it as it is one more time…the way she is now…’s all CONTRAST isn’t it. On an up note, we did see The Beatles LOVE Cirque du Soleil…AMAZING!! and play on the roller coasters/rides at some of the big hotels! What fun!

This really is an interesting time to be alive as the systems which are no longer sustainable begin to crumble before our eyes, and we all get to make a choice-do we hang onto that which does not serve us, or move to a higher consciousness. The monetary system, the political system, the religious system, the healthcare system, the school system and others are all in the process of morphing into something new.  In order for that to happen, the way it is now must first collapse. (One thing I will share with you from the Vegas seminar is to buy some gold coins in small denominations -one oz. and less if you have money you are keeping in the bank. If you would like some more info on that, please feel free to contact me)

Another thing I learned is that as I process and work through my shadow self (that part of me which thinks it is somehow spiritually or otherwise superior or inferior to others or needing to manipulate energy of others to feel better) I am actually helping to clear the “collective unconscious shadow” which exists. Stay tuned for a workshop coming soon on that one!

Our journey is to re-member that we are moving to a higher consciousness, and to release those old systems with a calm knowing that all is well, even when there are those around us who might still be clinging to the old ways and are creating turmoil for themselves. We are always led to safe haven for our highest and best good if we make our moves with a calm knowing in the direction that our intuition is leading us as opposed to any knee-jerk reactions that come from ego based fear.

As for those around us that are still clinging to the old ways, it would serve us to allow them to have their experience if they are choosing it, and to not stand in judgement of them. The only way that we can really be of service to others is to lead by example. There are some good tools on the Resource Page that you can use as well as some links to some new books from Abraham (The Vortex) and Dr. Bruce Lipton (Spontaneous Evolution) that you might find helpful in keeping your vibration high. If I get enough people wanting the books, I will put in an order. Please let me know.

Our trip to Peru in February will be an amazing opportunity to come into alignment with some practices that will guide us to be more connected to our own internal guidance system. We will also work on coming more from a heart centred place connected to nature, animals and The Pachamama (Mother Earth) We have so much to learn from the People of the Condor and the event that we will partake in on Valentines Day on Lake Titicaca will surely be transformational for all that are a part of it! Please have a look at the Spiritual Adventure section on the website for more info.

I have just received word that Jorge Louis Delgado (our guide in Peru) will be here in Nanaimo and speaking at the Nanaimo Metaphysical Network gathering on the 19th of November. Be sure to mark your calendar for that one!

Below is a clip from an astrological site that I get monthly which will explain what many of you are feeling energetically right now…

Remember, no fear-no anger.

 “It is a time when we can be revealing to ourselves or to others, most likely in ways we did not anticipate. An important finish line or endpoint of significance is on the horizon. Now to Sept 17 when the Sun (consciousness) and Saturn (realism) conjoin, it will be a time to see the stark light of day and to bring to an end that which (you know from that place deep inside you) no longer serves. The next few days can bring you to the brink of an important personal breakthrough. Will you walk through the door? (Is there really a choice?) Look to the workable new moon in Virgo Sept 18 and beyond to energize a new momentum. Once Mercury retrograde ends on Sept 30, it will be time to take even more active steps to implement your new healing, repair, and improvement programs”Happy Equinox on the 21st of the month!

Warmly, Ev