Law of Attraction Personal Coaching

Many of you have been asking for some extra help with the “Living IT” part of the Law of Attraction.

Well Ask and it is Given! 

 Now available for you 

“One on One” Personal Coaching with Ev!

Sometimes it is great to have an impartial party give some feedback on new insights to help overcome places that we are stuck or the Law of Attraction seems not to be working for us.

Are you focused on creating the results you want in your life?

Would you like to get clear on some of the blocks that are keeping you from getting what it is that you say you want?

I am here to help make it work for YOU! I have a passion to empower you to BE, DO and HAVE all you have come here to experience.

I have been able to take the challenges I have experienced and alchemize them into learning opportunities from tin to gold!

I have been manifesting since before I even knew what Law of Attraction was…we all have!! (but mostly unconsciously)

I am here to help you fill in the holes. Most of us have seen THE SECRET or read a book on the Law of Attraction. It is like baking a cake, we know the ingredients,  but sometimes we want a little “tweaking” to get them in the right proportions and really make it a “Gourmet Experience”

Your first half hour consultation is free.

Call Ev at 250-248-5615 or email me at to book a telephone or personal appointment.

Prices are $100/ hour payable by PayPal or Credit Card: Visa/MasterCard

Book your session or pre-pay for a package and save:

One sessions: $100

Five sessions: $400