Hello Everyone…

I hope everyone survived the madness that often comes with this time of the year! Not to mention we had a FULL MOON, Solar Eclipse and Solstice right in the lead up to the most intense part of it for many!!  I hope you were able to practice self care and stay in your centre and not get too caught up in the drama that being with family and copious social engagements sometimes bring up.

I have to say, that I was able to get to the bottom of some core pieces of my shadow self, although I was in some huge resistance to “looking in the mirror” for a while!

This clip from a British astrologer explains what was happening COSMICALLY for many of us around the Solstice and throughout the Christmas season. Very interesting stuff even if you aren’t an astrologer!


Many will remember last month on the Events Page, I spoke about an upcoming course in January that I would love to share with you all.

People are finding that, while they are delighted with their success in working with the Law of Attraction, there are still some areas that seem to remain blocked. The reason for this is that the blocks are not conscious! It is the subconscious that is running the show!

With New Years Resolutions being made in the next few days, (in many cases AGAIN)… perhaps it’s time to consider using your MIND for a change! (Here’s a tip – it’s not what you think that’s the problem!)

7th Path is a 2 Day course that works to release the subconscious blocks that prevent us from attracting and manifesting. As we release the blocks the mind becomes more receptive to those things. (You’ll learn about this during the course!)

7th Path is hypnosis empowered meditation. It appeals equally to those who find it hard to meditate as well as seasoned meditators. 7th Path is easy to practice and, unlike other forms of self-hypnosis or meditation, you can feel it working.

You can find out all the details at this link below. Please let me know ASAP if you are interested, as the cut off date for registration is the end of this month…and please pass the info on to anyone you think might be interested


Till next month…

Wishing you a smooth transition into 2011…and much FUN!