It is more and more important that we keep our vibration as high as possible these days, despite what is going on around us on the planet…you know what it is, so I don’t need to make a macaroni collage out of it for you. In other words be “IN IT…but not OF IT” As we move into the final phase of the Mayan Calendar on March the 11th, 2011, HANG ON because time, reality, consciousness, ascension/evolution is going to speed up another 20-fold faster!!

Sensitive people have been feeling it building during the Fall months of 2010, but it will fully arrive on March 9, 2011, so it is imperative to do whatever you need to do to GET AND STAY HAPPY! For more info on this, check out  and also Ian Lungold’s video “The Mayan Calendar Comes North” on the same site in the learning lab.

Here is another little something to help you on your way…

Cultivating Happiness..

The dictionary description of Happiness is:

1) Pleasure, joy, exhilaration, bliss, contentedness, delight, enjoyment, satisfaction.

2) A state of well being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy


Let’s face it-WE ALL WANT HAPPINESS, right?

Everything that I think that I need to do is all only in order to propel me to some place that when I get there, I think I will be happier.

So as Abe would say “Why don’t I take a short cut and just go get happy?”

Easier said than done you say? Did you know that there are two types of happiness?

The first type is physical happiness. This is a feeling of happiness that I get when all the conditions are right. It is usually a happiness that comes though my senses, and often comes from the actions of something or someone outside of myself. ie.-“When you bring me flowers, I am soooo happy” or “When you are a good boy, I am so happy”

The second type is mental happiness. This is much more powerful, and is only dependant on ME, and no one else.

We know of many cultures and even people in our own town that have very little, or are even living on the street, but are actually really very joyous. So why are some people in similar situations happier than others?

It has been suggested in studies that we actually have a “Happiness Set Point”-just like weight set point! Approximately 50% of the happiness we experience in our day to day lives is attributed to our set point which we are born with.  Only 10% can be pegged to our circumstances ie. rich/  poor, healthy/unhealthy, married or divorced etc. The other 40% leaves room for US to decide how happy or unhappy we wish to deliberately want to be by modeling others that are happy too!

If one were relatively unhappy the good news is that we can change our experience by doing what those happier people are doing and BECOME MORE HAPPY OURSELVES.

Sooooo….just WHAT are happy people doing??

17 years of research by Sonja Lyubomirsky a Psychology Prof at University of California and her partners has shown that those that are happiest:

1) Devote a great amount of time to family and friends nurturing and enjoying those relationships

2) Are comfortable expressing appreciation for all that they have

3) Are often first to offer a helping hand to others

4) Practice OPTIMISM when thinking about their future

5) Savor life’s pleasures and try to live in the moment

6) Are deeply committed to a life-long goal or ambition.

Studies done over a three month period with people who were less than happy, showed major increased happiness when they deliberately practiced activities that they were assigned to do.

These included:

1) Counting their blessings, starting a Gratitude Journal ie. GRATITIDE

2) Acts of kindness several times a week however they looked, random, planned, spontaneous etc SERVICE

 3) Weekly journal to write about and imagine the best possible future for themselves.    VISUALIZATION

To be effective, these have to become habits and lifestyles-not just a once in a while occurrence.

Imagine the time that we spend at the gym, working on getting our bodies in shape. If we spent as much time pursuing happiness, how would our lives be different? Yes, its work, but some of the most rewarding work we will ever do.

There seems to be a misconception that happiness will come from doing, being, and having it all…. when actually, it’s the other way around!!!!

Ponder that for a while…

And in the meantime, Vibrate High…

Warmly, Ev