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Tales from the Road Less Travelled in Asia and


MY Top 5 Personal Insights from my Journey…


Many of you know that I set an intention before Christmas last year to go somewhere HOT AND CHEAP this winter. Well yes, HOT IT CERTAINLY WAS!!! I was blessed in that I manifested enough points to fly to Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam for 40 days…YIPPEEEE!!


This was my first time in Asia in 25 years…and my first time traveling along there EVER. I have to say that I stayed a little more up market in Hong Kong than I would have if I was not on my own. The old Chung King Mansion backpacker dump was next door still, but I stayed in a $100 a night room (which wasn’t much either, let me tell you!) for the 3 nights I was there, hoping to experience the changes it has experienced since the Chinese took it back some years ago. To my disappointment, it was really expensive and the electronics I thought might be a deal there were nowhere to be found. I thought also that it might be an interesting place to contemplate teaching English as a second language at some point in the future, but I think that plan is not in the cards either. It was good to find out though, as I have been wondering for a while what the possibility of living there might feel like.

It was great to land in Phukett Island on day 4, spend the night and head to my first island experience in Thailand since 1986!! AHHHH Ko Lanta… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ko_Lanta_District  

I spent the next two weeks just chillin out in my lovely little beach hut for $20 a night. I loved it there-fresh fruit, seafood, and really lovely people that owned the place that were actually genuinely happy to have me there. They even had good coffee which is hard to find in Asia where “Nescafe 3 in 1” is the norm. It consists of instant coffee, edible oil product AND sugar, or some reasonable facsimile already premixed for your enjoyment…NOT!

I spent my two weeks sunning and swimming in the beautiful clear blue sea, going on day snorkel trips, and having massages and pedicures for really cheap prices ($5 and $3 respectively) I even rented a little turquoise motorcycle for 3 days and scooted around carefully (although I never did get a picture of me on it!) The people I met there and I shared many dinners, drinks and even some boat trips to the other side of the island and some others more remote to explore and snorkel. I even did a cooking course with friends to learn Thai Cuisine! There were many Europeans travelling and most were from Germany-lucky for me my second language. Some of Mumsey’s ashes even went up in a LUCKY BALOON on the beach the night before we all left…a truly beautiful experience! Check out this link

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cDiECszAtU for an example.  We had a lot of fun, and as they left one by one, it came time for me to move on as well, back to Bangkok and then Cambodia to meet my friend Doreen in Siem Riep for a few days and explore the amazing Angkor Wat Temples.  


My flight from Bangkok was at 3pm and I had a man who would be waiting for me at the airport in Phnom Pehn (he even had a sign-my first ever!lolol) My hotel there was booked, and so was my bus to Siem Riep and we had a definite window of 3 days that we were able to stay with my friend’s cousin there before heading to the beaches in the south of Cambodia. I also had a travel agent there who was waiting for my passport to arrange my visa to Viet Nam, as I was going to overland and needed one. You can imagine my despair when I got to the Bangkok airport in what I thought was lots of time, (since I already had my boarding pass and only had to drop off luggage, clear departure immigration, security and get to my gate) to find HUGE LINEUPS EVERYWHERE!!! WELL…it was looking like I might not make it and I started to TWITCH!! All I could think about was if I missed my plane..EVERYTHING that was so perfectly organized WOULD BE SCREWED UP!!! What if…What if …What if…????? It was hot, yes-but now I was sweating profusely!! I even asked if I could jump the line at Immigration as I was CONVINCED I was going to miss the flight. Guzzling the last of my litre and a half of bottled water, once through Security, I now had to pee really badly on the way to the gate, and as I was on the toilet (boarding pass in hand) I glanced down to see a line on it that said “Gate Closes 15 minutes prior to flight” I was UP and OUTTA THERE bolting to the gate, panting as the sweat was flowing freely down my back and my face. I slid into the gate area only to be welcomed and asked to have a seat since we would be boarding shortly, the plane had been DELAYED!! As I sat, fanning and wiping my face, trying to catch my breath, of course I had to laugh, and then IMMEDIATELY began to flog myself mentally!! “OK Miss Law of Attraction…what was THAT all about…you just made that WHOLE STORY UP IN YOUR HEAD about what you did NOT WANT…and gave it attention and despite yourself, you didn’t miscreate anyhow!!!”
I was SPENT…physically, mentally and emotionally, not to mention drenched and stinky from sweating and interestingly, I felt something inside me shift…

The flight was great and I attracted a lovely guy from Toronto beside me who was retired and living in Thailand but now had moved to Phnom Pehn as it was like Thailand USED TO BE! He gave me some great tips about getting through the bureaucracy at Immigration and was blown away when I told him where I was staying, because it was such a cool place owned by two guys, one Canadian and the other American. We bid our adieus after the quick flight and I slid through immigration like BUTTER!!! There was my smiling tuk tuk  driver waiting for me with the sign “Welcome to Ms evelyn” and off we went to the Sundance Hotel downtown moving though unstopsigned intersections with ease and grace like I have never experienced before! In my room, I immediately took a cool shower and chilled on this HUGE BED…the biggest I have ever been in…olol It was my birthday, so I had a lovely dinner that night across the street at the BLUE DOLPHIN. Met 4 old guys sitting next to me that were all divorced and having the TIME OF THEIR LIVES in ASIA!!! We laughed and drank wine, took pictures and then back to the Sundance where I actually met a guy that I used to work on the Ferry with here in BC…SMALL WORLD EH? The next day, I was off to Siem Riep to meet my friend and explore Angkor Wat.

That night in the shower, I noticed quite a rash starting under my left arm, and thought “OH..must be fungal from all the sweating I did in Bangkok that day around the airport drama” Long story short…after a few days of increasing neuralgic pain in my back which I was debating between heart, lungs, kidney and my friend was thinking was muscular from sitting too long on the bus and treating with Jin Shin Do and Tiger Balm, I discovered I had manifested SHINGLES!! WOW…never had this before and I tell you, never want to have it again. Here I was for 2 days walking around the amazing temples of Angkor Wat in 33C heat with shingles, and still thinking it was a fungal infection from sweating that day in Bangkok, when in fact the stress that I had experienced around missing my flight which was so intense (along with the insanity of Bangkok in general) that my body let me know how quickly negative emotion can manifest physically and that it was time to change my mind. The good news was, that although I attracted a FLOOD (so to say) several days later at a lovely beach area in Southern Cambodia called Otres Beach, a woman who was doing massage there shared with me that she knew a shaman that would cure this in 3 days!!! I quickly realized that yes, I manifested a Flood, but here was A BOAT also manifested!! I had to check this out, as the last thing I wanted was for it to spread and be traveling while I was ill. After some negotiating and a 7am visit by the masseuse and the shaman woman, followed by my payment of $30 and let’s just say “quite a bizarre ritual” which I won’t elaborate on here, my treatment was over. It was also caught on film by my friend, and they then shared with me in their little bit of English, what I could and could not eat for the next week. This had to be strictly followed and I was guaranteed that after 3 days, not only would this not spread further, but what was there would be dried up and healed. I have to say, that on the 4th day, to my amazement, that is exactly what happened! WILD!!! I was soo appreciative for the love and attention I received while I was there!

My friend and I spent those four days on one of the most beautiful  beaches I had been to, and had a lot of fun at Papa Pippo’s www.papapippo.com in our cabin on the beach again for $25, eating the most amazing Italian food (which was on the list) and getting pedis and massages with olive oil right from ITALY!!! LOVE IT!!

I left Doreen at our cabin on day 5 and over landed solo to Vietnam, my last stop before heading home to a lovely island called Phu Quoc Island. http://wikitravel.org/en/Phu_Quoc The next 4 days there, were spent with yet another lovely German lady. We really had a lot of fun despite that fact that I could not drink or eat seafood for a week. We then ended up flying together to Saigon and parted ways after a lovely lunch at the market and she went back to the airport to fly north and I  jumped on a bus to head to a lovely little town known for it’s para sailing called Mui Ne on the central coast. It was lovely and although the water was not as blue and crystal clear as it had been at other beaches I had been to, I did a cooking course here as well and it was a lot of fun. My time was coming quickly to an end, and after a lovely connection with a young lady from Lithuania for a few days, it was time to head back to Saigon for last minute shopping before my flight in two days. Certainly not enough time in Vietnam and a place I would go back to in a heartbeat!! I think I would also give Thailand a miss next time, and opt for Cambodia again and also Laos and Burma which are just coming on stream for tourism and still very much quaint and not built up yet. All in all, it was an amazing journey…one I will never forget!! To sum it all up, my five biggest insights are as follows:

1) There is NO truth of any country or city. It may be generally YIN energy or Yang energy, but the people and experiences I have there will always be in direct relationship to ME and where my personal vibration is at, not matter where I am.

2) We are waaaay too sanitary here and have been duped into being frightened of germs in our food, and also our personal hygiene.

3) Manifestations are coming quicker and quicker all the time, both what is wanted and what is NOT WANTED…so it is really important to maintain my vibration in as high a state as possible at all times despite what I am observing.

4) It is really important to pay attention to my own internal guidance. My Higher Self is always speaking to me, the question is, am I able to hear what is being transmitted??? More stillness….

5) Life really IS supposed to be fun, and my job now is to remember who I REALLY AM and love others, no matter what as much as possible. If I can’t love them, then have compassion and empathy for their journey and let them go. Strangers are only friends I haven’t met yet!!

Link to pictures coming soon…

Till next time…

Vibrate High!

Warmly, Ev