Happy 2012 EVERYONE!!!


Hello All!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are ready for the gifts that 2012 brings to us all as the New Year unfolds!

It was a pretty INTERESTING Holiday season for me this year.

A quietly reflective and somewhat sad first Christmas without certain people in my life and then a “Kick out the Jams New Years Party” on the dance floor with friends shakin a tail feather to some great music to bring in 2012 on a high note!!

It was also a beautiful opportunity to walk my talk about death. 

My dear Mumsey made her transition at 93 years young on the 2nd of November, The Day of the DEAD (see the link below for those who have not travelled to Latin America)  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Day_of_the_Dead

How auspicious a date to leave, for a woman who had no religious or spiritual beliefs to speak of, and when I asked her what she thought happened to you when you die, without thinking blurted “NOTHING…You’re FINISHED” lololo (I know that she has a new idea now about that!

Two weeks ago, another good friend of mine succumbed to bladder cancer and also made his transition. Not one to miss a party, he decided a while back that he would have one BEFORE and not after he was gone so that he could physically be there for it. How MATURE!!! We had a Friars Roast for him not long before Christmas and how FUN that was as I got the honour of being one of the Roasters!!!

Many of you know, that I don’t DO DEATH, nor do I buy into the way that we have been taught by the mainstream (whether that is big pharma or organized religion) that it must be feared and avoided at all costs or is some type or punishment. For something that is going to happen to each and every one of us, it would serve us to start to feel differently about it…like many other cultures on the planet already do as I found out when doing research on the Day of the Dead article when I spoke about it at my mom’s Celebration of Life.


Energy (which everything, including us IS) can not be created or destroyed so therefore is always present. The FORMAT of that energy changes throughout our different incarnations, but the essence of who we REALLY are does not change. Just because I can’t see my mom or my friend in the physical, does not mean they are not there! Many people have access to that energy (we all do, but some are more able to tap into it than others) and we call them Mediums. I just had a reading last week by a local medium here in Nanaimo and was greeted by both my mom and also my friend that transitioned recently (as well as a few others!) It was a great experience.

Have you noticed how many people are “Going HOME” in the past while? Even Jerry Hicks of the Abraham/Hicks duo transitioned in November!! www.abe-blog.com I so love their philosophy of death, that it is such a lovely experience, if we really knew how amazing it is, we would certainly never give those scoundrels the DEATH PENALTY!!

As for me…I am taking some time to do some backpacking shortly.  I am blessed to have manifested a trip to Asia and will soon dip my toes into the turquoise blue waters of the Andaman Seas of Southern Thailand for a while! I am sooo EXCITED!! Will be taking some of Mumsey’s ashes with me to deposit at some magical place that I discover along the way and I hope to also visit my friend in Cambodia and share this amazing sacred place called Angkor Wat with her before I head to Viet Nam and home again.


I will set up a Raising Vibrations Facebook page before I go or as soon as I get back for SURE! Lots of good stuff coming up this year to share with you all. Have a look at the Events page to get an idea and also some new articles for you to get in tune with what is on it’s way for the year to come!

There is a “WORLD WIDE Visualization for a Better World” happening tomorrow January the 21st…


You can find out all about it and download the audio and instructions at the following link: